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Do it like us. Do it yourself. Do it right the first time and with us! Become a part of our team. Let’s make a path to the top together and earn what’s ours.

About us

The Bromotion d.o.o. was started in 2017, but the experience and relationships to our partners exists since 2009. We are the partners for customers about the themes of telecommunication and advising in Germany. We offer You an All-in-One-Distribution contracts, extension of contracts and contract adjustments for Mobile and Landline providers (Internet Service Providers). Whether you talk on a cell phone, surf on the go or use Internet bandwidth for your home. We have the perfect plan and offer for you. Our agencies can look forward to a good company structure and flexible cross-selling ideas. Naturally, you can expect timely and accurate billing models.

The Team


Quality Control

IT Technician


Through our many professional trainers, you’ll get an excellent education. We do things in a timely manner tailored to the strengths of our clients, to improve your educations and to make top seller out of them.

Free and professional educations, naturally with the included material.

Intensive couching and permanent support with a personal trainer

Advice and action. Quick and easy in all affairs.

Excellent reachability of the offices

High provisions, amazing bonuses and incentives

Rhetorical sales techniques such as Imitation treatment and finishing technique



Telephone: +387 61 293 180

Address: Džemala Bijedića 166A, Sarajevo 71000


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